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Kagame: Assassination Attempt On Kayumba Nyamwasa Is OK

As stated in a press release by the International Humanitarian Law Institute
"In October 2010, Pres. Kagame allgedly issued orders to RPF leaders for Prof. Erlinder's return to Rwanda "dead or alive." Given the hundreds if not thousands of assassinations and disappearances of his opponents, he has no doubt that Kagame would like to add his name to that list if he could"
Yesterday The New Times published an article which confirms Erlinder's fears. The article "Osama Bin Laden's lesson for local terrorists" can be considered a rationalisation or justification for assassination attempts in the past, present and future against critics. Assassinations like the failed attempt on the life of former Chief of Staff Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa in june. Paul Kagame, through his website, makes it clear he won't hesitate to order the assassination of critics among the diaspora (and others) living in the US, SA, UK or elsewhere, if the opportunity arises! This article can be interpreted as a direct assassination threat by Paul Kagame to Peter Erlinder:
"The criminal quartet (Kayumba Nyamwasa, Patrick Karegeya, Gerald Gahima and Theogene Rudasingwa) and other unsavoury characters to whom they are allied in a terrorist enterprise will soon find out that the jungles of foreign countries and villas in upmarket areas of foreign capitals are not very safe.

They can run and hide, but will run out of options and then their actions will catch up with them.

If Osama bin Laden could speak now, he would tell them that."
However, it's not the first time Paul Kagame makes the case that America's reaction to 9/11 gives him the right to assassinated people abroad.

In March 2010 Paul Kagame gave a speech at West Point, where his son, Ivan Cyomoro, studies:
"contrasting the response to the 9/11 attacks in New York and the genocide in Rwanda, President Kagame pointed to the need to enhance international response, solidarity and cooperation, so that international threats "carry the same weight and meaning to all countries irrespective of which interests are at stake" and not only when the interests of powerful nations are threatened."
In april 2010 Kagame said:
“Rwandan exiled officials are like excreted human waste”
In June 2010 Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa survived the assassination attempt by RPF operatives.

In july 2010 the South African Ambassador to Rwanda, Gladstone Dumisani Gwadiso, got summoned over the Nyamwasa case by Rwanda's Foreign Affairs Minister Louise Mushikiwabo, who said:

"Some insinuations emanating from official circles in South Africa and carried in the media appear to be pointing a finger at the Rwandan government,"
"I have summoned the South African ambassador (Gladstone Dumisani Gwadiso) on Tuesday to convey the concern of the Rwandan government over the way the investigation is carried out"
"Naturally, there is no truth to this. We find these insinuations very alarming,"

Aimable Mugara, a Rwandan immigrant living in Canada, in his weekly letter to President Paul kagame, the first week of july 2010, in the run up to august 2010 "elections" comments on Louise Mushikiwabo's statements as follows:

"Your government’s spokesperson, Ms. Mushikiwabo has been admonishing anyone who dares think that your government could have been behind the killing of this journalist as well as the failed assassination of the General. Unfortunately, the list of people who have worked with you and ended up dead soon after there were any disagreements with you or perceived disagreement is extremely long. The following are just some of the names:

1. The Late Colonel Charles Ngoga
2. The Late Colonel Lizinde
3. The Late Colonel Augustin Cyiza
4. The Late Lt Col. Wilson Rutayisire (alias Shaban)
5. The Late Major Rachid Mugisha (alias Kyojo)
6. The Late Captain Serwanda
7. The Late Major Alex Ruzindana
8. The Late Major John Birasa
9. The Late Captain Eddy
10. The Late Captain S. Kavuma
11. The Late Captain David Sabuni
12. The Late Lieutenant Aloys Rupari
13. The Late Second Lieutenant Dan Ndaruhutse
14. The Late Lieutenant Karegeya
15. The Late Lieutenant Rwagasana
16. The Late Lieutenant Dan Twahirwa
17. The Late Lieutenant Fred Gatumbura
18. The Late Second Lieutenant Peter Sempa
19. The Late Lieutenant Jean-Claude Ruraza
20. The Late Sergeant Nyirumuringa
21. The Late Interior Minister Seth Sendashonga
22. The Late Bank CEO Pasteur Musabe
23. The Late Deputy Chief Justice Vincent Nsanzabaganwa
24. The Late Your former presidential advisor Assiel Kabera
25. The Late Parliamentarian Leonard Hitimana"
And we should off course add the famous assassination of the former Presidents of Rwanda Juvenal Habyarimana and Burundi Cyprien Ntaryamira, for which april 30th 2010 Paul Kagame was served with a lawsuite in Edmond Oklahoma.

Last week MI5 warned the Rwandan high commissioner to Britain to halt an alleged campaign of harassment against suspected critics of his country's government based in the UK.

Assassination of political opponents is a consistent ingredient, both of the RPF rhetoric and it's actions. Foreign governments, especially the US through it's cozy relationship has sofar largely failed to adress this problem or pretended it does not exist. It's great to see signs (like the MI5 warning and South Africa's diplomatic message)that several countries are starting to acknowledge the problem. But I think it's important that not only actions, but also the poisonous rhetoric that clearly is part of the package, be adressed together and consistently by high level public servants representing the US government that regularly visit Kigali: Anthony Holmes (deputy chief of US Africom, does he agree with the content of Kagame's West Point speech???), Stephen Rapp, or on twitter by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's Senior Advisor of Innovation Alec. J. Ross, US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In the same article "Osama Bin Laden's lesson for local terrorists" Joseph Rwagatare says:
"Other politicians, like Victoire Ingabire and Deo Mushayidi, who have tried to use terrorism to get to power now know the perils of that route and, unless they are idiots, are unlikely to advise anyone to go the same way."
Apparently Joseph Rwagatare allready knows that Victoire Ingabire is guilty, allthough sofar we haven't seen a single shred of evidence. The evidence gathered at Ingabire's home in the Netherlands has not even be handed over to Rwanda yet, but a verdict will be delivered may 15th.

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