Sunday, May 22, 2011

Harry Verhoeven's Views Concerning Rwanda Need Revision

Acts and words of the Rwandan regime stress the need for revision, not just of UK aid to Rwanda.

Allthough the news concerning the assassination attempts against UK citizens by Paul Kagame's regime is making headlines, these allegations are not new. Assassinations accompanied by direct and specifics threats in government controlled press have for two decades consistently been ingredients of the Kagame brand.

In the run up to August 2010 elections we have seen the recipe applied both in Rwanda and abroad.

But instead of acknowledging this obvious fact, Oxford doctoral researcher on political violence in the great lakes region Harry Verhoeven, in a Christian Science Monitor article, continued his personal crusade against critics of the RPF:
"armchair critics have often gone so over the top in demonizing the RPF – seldom based on any thorough, on-the-ground research"
Paul Kagame's assassinations and assassination attempts in Rwanda and abroad (now also in the UK) should have long ago triggered a thorough investigation into Harry Verhoeven's motives for mischaracterizing the Brugière report's contents and his questioning of the credibility of it's writer, Jean-Louis Brugière.

Stephen Sackur was right in 2009 concerning the Brugière report when he told Paul Kagame:
"off course you know, they are not wild allegations"

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