Monday, May 16, 2011

Frank Rusagara: Mr Clean At Rwanda's UK High Commission?

Harry Verhoeven wrote in march:
"The RPF has long been regarded by its enemies as a formidably cohesive liberation movement, but 2010 has gone some way to shattering the image of a phalanx built on Tutsi solidarity"
"Both Kayumba and Karegeya were part of the very core of the RPF but were losing the internal power struggle with President Paul Kagame and his lieutenants James Kabarebe and Emmanuel Ndahiro that emerged after the Congo wars."

Why did Harry Verhoeven fail to mention Frank Rusagara in this article?

Brig. Gen. Frank Rusagara is the Defence Attache at the Rwanda High Commission in the UK and was a discussion panel member at Harry Verhoeven's “The Gacaca Courts, Post-Genocide Justice and Reconciliation in Rwanda“ booklaunch november 4th 2010. In 1994 Frank Rusagara was RPA liaison to the diplomatic community. Litte seems to have changed since.

Two weeks ago MI5 accused the Rwanda High Commission in the UK of secret "activities against members of the diaspora" and last week Scotland Yard issued a “threats to life warning” notice to at least two organisers of a Rwandan diaspora meeting, which could possibly end UK's Aid to Rwanda.

Frank Rusagara's role in keeping up RPF's clean image abroad can hardly be overestimated. Frank Rusagara wrote a book on Rwanda's military history and lectures on the hutu-tutsi integration process inside the army.

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