Thursday, May 26, 2011

Emerging South & Social Conservatives: Ron Paul & Huckabee

Now that Mike Huckabee is out of the race, the hunt for the Huckabee vote has begun.

Two persistent misconceptions keep surfacing concerning the 'Huckabee vote' or '2008 Huckabee voter'. First misconception is that this voting block is identical to the 'social conservative' voting block. It is not and it has never been.

The '2008 Huckabee vote' was a vote for a defender of the Republican party principles who combined wit and style with real substance.

Second misconception is that the 'Huckabee voter' considers Ron Paul's views on foreign policy
"swinging from stupid to nonexistent"
Those who claim this clearly were not following Mike Huckabee's campaign in 2008. It was mainstream press and Condoleezza Rice that attacked Mike Huckabee's foreign policy views as 'ludicrous' for his speech on "paths and priorities in the war on terror" in which Mike Huckabee said:
"Bush arrogant bunkermentality has been counterproductive both at home and abroad".
Chuck Norris article on Huckabee not running:
"When I was on the campaign trail with Mike, he was connecting with not only the Republican base but also many liberal-leaning people. Mike had a great mix of African-American and Hispanic followers at his rallies, as well."
Check out Chuck Norris on Ron Paul and foreign policy:
"Ron Paul is the only guy I trust"
The strong support of fellow blogger David Beasley chairman of the Center for Global Strategies, famous for removing the confederate flag from the SC statehouse:
“You see, the Confederate flag flying above the statehouse flies in a vacuum, ... The Klan can misuse it as a racist tool, as it has, and others can misuse it solely as a symbol for racism, as they have.”
both underline ,as suzie Parker's explains, that
"Huckabee is the poster child for the emerging South."
Those who try to claim the 'Huckabee vote' for some special interest or confine him to a social conservative reservation, have not followed his campaign, nor understood his speeches. And clearly don't understand how Mike Huckabee has moved the ball forward inside Evangelical America and inside the Republican party as a whole.

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ggeorgewashington said...

Please, if I may;
Constitutionally, legislatively, and morally, Ron Paul has no equal. His 22 year voting record speaks for itself.
Mr. Paul has not survived in politics for 22 years and maintain the ethics and morality he has by being anything other than stellar.
If You refute the above comment, then I please invite You to listen to him speak about key issues. It is amazing how well he comes across because he doesn’t have to remember lies like other politicians. He understands what is happening in the world and knows how to apply the basic principles of liberty to achieve the real change that America so desperately deserves.
American to American we are all on the same team. So I present Mr. Ron Paul as my Candidate for 2011 and invite anybody to meaningfully and respectfully debate why he is not the best for American and its people in 2012.
Ron Paul = A real change, not for special interest, but for America’s Interests!
Thank You for Your time
Ron Paul 2012