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Col. Emmanuel Ruvusha Supervised Kagame's Ethnic Cleansing In Congo

Last week Emmanuel Ruvusha was awarded a medal and certificate for his contribution towards ending violence in Darfur by Karenzi Karake. This same Emmanuel Ruvusha was a commander during the invasion of Congo in 1996 by the RPF.

In David Reybrouck's book "Congo" on page 448 we read that Ruvusha was a general of the AFDL at the time. David Reybrouck recounts how at the end of 1997 this invading army, disguised as a rebel movement, rounded up the fleeing hutu's in improvised refugee camps. Once these concentration camps were formed, the area was sealed off. NGO workers and journalists were no longer allowed to enter the area "for their own safety". Once the area was sealed of, ethnic cleansing started. Not just hutu military or Interhamwe died, but children, women, elderly, the wounded and the dying. Sometimes with bullets, most of the time with machete and hammer. Munition was too expensive and too heavy to carry through the bush.

David Reybrouck talked to an eyewitness to these attrocities, lieutenant Papy Bulaya, a soldier in the AFDL. He explains how he served under General Ruvusha, who is now a colonel in the Rwandan army. The objective was to get the job done. After the slaughter at Tingi-Tingi a cleaning team came in with fuel to destroy the evidence of these crimes.

On the same page David Reybrouck explains that before the attack 85.000 people lived in the Tingi-Tingi camp, after the ethnic cleansing operation ordered by Paul Kagame, the camp was empty. Tens of thousands had been butchered and about 45.000 fled even further to the west. To Equateur where Paul Kagame's thugs intercepted most of them at Boende an Mbandaka and butchered the remnants of this group. Eyewitness said that even babies were crushed under their boots or hit against walls.

Several hundreds reached Brazzaville or Gabon. They had walked for about 2000 kilometers through Zaire. In the end only several thousands managed to survive Paul Kagame's genocidal operation.

Ruvusha is a very important member of the Rwandan army as explained in this article.

Brig. General .Frank Rusagara, a considered a good friend by Tom Odom, spoke at University of Birmingham on the military integration process before, during and after the tragedy. the question is off course wether the internal politics of the Rwandan army fits his model.

Col. Emmanuel Ruvusha served under General Laurent Munyakazi, who was accused in 2005 of having participated in the genocide. Frank Rususagara's portrayal of the integration process doesn't seem to fit the reality. The story of Laurent Munyakazi resembles closely the way Bizimungy was treated by the RPF regime. They gave him a title without any real power.
Emmanuel Habyarimana, who held the title of Minister of Defense from 2000-2002 was sacked for having too "pro-hutu" ideas. Same story.

In july 2005 Frank Rusagara awarded 10 medals of honor to outstanding Rwandan soldiers, among them Emmanuel Ruvusha and Paul Kagame.

In february 2009 we could read on the blog mushakipager:
"à la tête de la commission de brassage se trouve le rwandais de la circonstance, à savoir, le Colonel RUVUSHA"

The joint Rwandan-Congolese operations against the FDLR and the integration of the CNDP into the FARC were led by John Numbi (head of Kinshasa police, suspect in Chebeya case and former organizer of JUFERI implicated in crimes against the Luba (in Lubumbashi) Katanga 1993, which are also mentioned in the mapping report correct me if I am mistaken) and his deputy, the Rwandan Colonel Ruvusha. Human rights groups from across the DRC have recently requested the immediate arrest of John Numbi.

In september 2009 rumors of a coup attempt by Frank Rusagara were spread off and online. It seems to be in retrospective that this was a staged attempt to find out who in the army were tempted to participte in a possible coup.

Two months later, in november 2009 Frank Rusagara wrote an article on genocide denial which is a clear attempt to whitewash the ethnic cleansing that took part at Tingi-Tingi.

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