Saturday, May 21, 2011

Brussels Train Station Blues

With the EU memberstates fighting over the Schengen treaty. The Dutch government restarted borderchecks in Maastricht yesterday. And also the Greek crisis putting strain on the Dutch government. The Spain protests turning into a fullscale arab spring? Some say Strauss-Kahn could have saved Europe, which Jon Stewart and I seriously doubt.

Is the roxy band playing at Brussels North train station a modern day titanic band symbolic of the inevitable?

Belgium still attempting to form a government. the Libyan immigrant story, which has triggered the European fight on the interpretation of the Schengen treaty, still developing.

At a meeting of European Union interior ministers in Brussels, 10 member states volunteered to resettle North African refugees while Britain and France refused to resettle a single one. Indeed, Home Secretary Theresa May said:
"she will oppose any future proposals for Britain to resettle refugees from Libya and Tunisia."
While the EU is fighting over the even distribution of some 25.000 refugees from North-Africa, Tunis is helping about 300.000 refugees.

Since the crisis in Libya erupted a titanic of 800 african refugees has drowned in the Mediterranean. But no titanic band accompanied their fate.

So, wether you take the A train to Antwerp or catch the last train to paris, wherever your travels may take you, tip the Roxy band while you still can! They are performing in Brussels. Take video's, share and link. They got a message for Europe.

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