Saturday, April 2, 2011

What Is #BCRchat Twitter Chat?

Anyone interested in a twitter chat on Burundi, Congo and Rwanda can join us sunday afternoon at 5PM EDT 11PM CEST .

Suggested topics sofar

1) President Obama should appoint a special envoy #SpecialEnvoy ( a campaign starts monday writes Monique Beadle:
@moniquebeadle: MONDAY ... A global call for #freeandfair elections in #Congo and a #SpecialEnvoy to Great Lakes
2) Security sector reform
3) Conflict minerals

4) Prof. Lambert's disappearance and incarceration in Rwanda

5) so how FDLR shapes or has shaped Rwandan politics? #BCRchat

6) Earthquake in Burundi, read report on quaketracker

7) how much longer will the U.S & UK keep supporting the regime in Kigali?

8) Transitional Justice and impunity in Burundi.

9) Measles epidemic in Congo

10) book release Dancing in the glory of monsters by Jason Stearns

11) Kinshasa recalling ambassador to Brazzaville

Don't hesitate to suggest a topic and write it down below or send a tweet with hashtag #BCRchat

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