Saturday, April 30, 2011

MI5: Paul Kagame Harassing Rwandan Diaspora

On the Royal wedding day the independent informs it's readers in the UK and beyond that:

"MI5 has warned the Rwandan high commissioner to Britain to halt an alleged campaign of harassment against suspected critics of his country's government based in the UK.

Ernest Rwamucyo, who is due to attend today's royal wedding as Rwanda's envoy to London, was told by the Security Service that the UK's £83m aid to Rwanda could be cut unless the secret activities against members of the diaspora were halted. Expatriates claim that they have been threatened and intimidated by diplomatic officials."
Intimidation and defamation campaings against Rwandan citizens at home and abroad have consistently been used by Paul Kagame's regime.

The most telling examples in the US are the ridiculous allegations by the Rwandan ambassador in 2008 in the US that Paul Rusesabagina and US Senator from Texas, Robert Krueger, had bought weapons in South Africa for some rebel movement in the Congolese bush to fight the regime in Kigali. Allegations that have never been substantiated.

Another example from the US are the false allegations against Leopold Munyakazi last year:

"It seems pretty clear that the current charges against Munyakazi are the result of the Delaware speech, which angered the Rwandan government. Soon afterwards, Rwanda issued an indictment charging that Munyakazi aided and abetted genocide. The charges were clearly politically motivated, and almost certainly spurious. Rwanda expert Alison Des Forges, of Human Rights Watch, has reviewed the indictment and publicly expressed her doubts about its merits. She points out that the professor had been held for five years without being tried or even charged, which suggests that the government lacked evidence of his participation in the genocide. After his release, he then obtained a position at a public university in Kigali, and so was hardly "hiding out in the bush" trying to evade justice. And, indeed, the U.S. government apparently had no interest in responding to Rwanda's demand that Munyakazi be extradited to stand trial."

In that context of false allegations and smear campaings by Paul Kagame against Rwandans abroad Cristina Griffin claims that the case against Lazare Kobagay is this simple:
"It is a case about how he lied, and lied, and lied again, about one of the worst atrocities in world history,"
Who, Christina Griffin, was lying in the case against Robert Krueger? It was Ambassador Kimonyo! Who was behind the false allegations against Leopold Munyakazi? The Rwanda prosecutor general.

Kimonyo, of whom Alec J. Ross, a close coworker of Hillary Clinton at the State Department, tweeted recently that he represents Paul Kagame so well, has since not provided a single shred of valuable evidence against either Robert Krueger or Paul Rusesabagina.

U.S. Senior District Judge Monti Belot told jurors in the Lazare Kobagaya case that this case, more than others he has presided over, will weigh heavily on witness testimony:
"Your principle duty is going to be to listen to the witnesses and weigh their testimony"
Ignoring the consistent pattern of intimidation and defamation by the current Rwandan regime, of Rwandans and critics abroad won't add to the credibility and quality of the verdict in this case. Christina Griffin oversimplifications of the issues at stake in this case is frightening.

If any Rwandan has to stand trial in the US for lying, it's Ambassador Kimonyo for his false allegations against a respected Senator: Robert Krueger. The least the US should have done was to give him a 24 hours notice to get his bags and catch the next flight to Kigali. Subsequently making sure Paul Kagame himself recorded his apologies both to the US and to Senator Robert Krueger personally for these false allegations. Instead we are reading Alec J. Ross claim that Paul Kagame is well represented in Washington by his ambassador Kimonyo.

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