Thursday, April 21, 2011

Let's All Get On Our Knees And Pray To Rwanda's Saviour Paul Kagame

Let's face it, without him, where would Rwanda be? Thanks to his leadership Rwanda is making great progress. Rwanda has come from way behind, but thanks to this great african leader, Rwanda is making progress. Let's all join togheter, get on our knees and say a prayer for Paul Kagame, who has demonstrated such great leadership!

Let us all, from small children to the elderly in oldfolks homes across the US, send a tweet in reconnaissance and admiration for the saviour and lord of this tiny and beautiful country in the heart of Africa.

Let's all follow the example of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's Senior Advisor for Innovation who knows when to give credit, when credit is due and wrote today:
"@PaulKagame I had a positive, productive visit with Ambassador Kimonyo today. You are well-represented in Washington."

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