Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Harvey Milk Would Stand with All Ugandans Now

San Francisco City and County Supervisor Harvey Milk,
the first openly gay elected official in the United States,
was a champion of all human rights.
Last week, as Ugandans were arrested, tear gassed, and even shot dead protesting soaring fuel and food prices, I wrote "Tear gas and arrests; Birth of a Ugandan civil rights movement?" I called opposition leader Anne Mugisha for KPFA and AfrobeatRadio News, and published the radio archive with the headline "Ugandans Walk in the Footsteps of Gandhi and King."   Harvey Milk, as portrayed here, in "The Life of Harvey Milk: In the Footsteps of Gandhi and King," would stand not only with Sexual Minorities Uganda, embattled by Uganda's proposed Anti-Homosexuality Act, a.k.a, Hang-the-Gays Bill, but with all Ugandans now.
Read more at http://goo.gl/SH9q1.

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