Friday, April 15, 2011

Crowdsourcing The Great Lakes Region?: #BCRchat

Sunday evening from 7PM CEST (Brussels), which is 1PM EDT (Baltimore) our secon #BCRchat will take place. An opportunity for everyone interested in the great lakes region to connect, share links to great content and discuss whatever topic generates buzz at that particular time. For the upcoming #BCRchat I have sofar collected the following topic suggestions:

  • General Gahima and his activism against kagame; will he be taken seriously or seen as renegade?
with a link for those who want some context on Gahima. Probably related is the story by Jambonew on Ibuka and the genocide commemoration in Belgium.

  • Plausible consequences of the maghreb’s spring ?
  • Rwanda announced transition towards 'self policing' media. Not convinced yet - I'd like to hear more on it
  • Raccoons (in Burundi)
  • Is trade better than aid and how do you start the trade ball rolling in an area of instability?
  • Learn from@paulkagame
  • Political opposition & elections in DRC
Article by Pole institute on Rutshuru and FDLR.
  • Bana Congo's activism against Congolese musicians in Europe
Read about Tshala Muana's tour in South Africa " Tshala Muana, Meje 30 et le groupe Dynastie Mutuashi" after her remarks against Bana Congo last month.

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