Friday, March 4, 2011

Libyan Exodus Biblical? Europe's Million Dollar Question

Frontex does not yet know how many refugees will reach Malta. The french government, listening faithfully to far-right politician Marianne Le Pen, is urging Italy to 'Hold Back the Immigrant Wave'.

Bloggers from all sides of the debate have started writing about this issue, which European leaders are placing, cynically, at the heart of their preoccupation concerning Libya.

Read especially this great article "Libya: Europe's Outsourcing Imhuman Immigration control"

Andrew Stuttaford quote's Italy’s interior minister Roberto Maroni, from the anti-immigration Northern League, claiming
"that the number of illegal migrants into Italy from North Africa could top one million this year alone."

Franco Frattini, the Italian foreign minister, warned last week that the Libyan uprising could result in 350,000 unwanted immigrants landing on the European continent.

In 2009 the same Italian Government sent a shipment of 11,000 pistols and rifles to Libya:

"The 16.5 tonne order was packed in four sealed containers and involved about 7,500 PX4 Storm pistols, 1,900 CX4 semi-automatic rifles and 1,800 M4 Super 90 shotguns."

Martin Kreickenbaum explains the details of Europe's cynical strategy in fighting immigration from Africa:

"Since 2003, a system of refugee camps has been created in North Africa with the help of the EU. The regime of Ben Ali in Tunisia and Gaddafi in Libya have carried out the EU’s dirty work, employing the most brutal means to prevent African refugees reaching Europe. The European governments supported this and promoted it with millions of euros."

In other words, Europe is making sure African refugees remain trapped in Libya.

Libya’s Unrest Risks Major Economic Toll for Italy.

On wednesday The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination called on the international community and the UN system to seek urgent measures to protect non-citizens, migrant populations, migrant workers, refugees and other minority groups in Libya.

Somaliland press writes today: "LIBYA: Rebels execute black immigrants while forces kidnap others".

Yesterday Human Rights Groups in The Hague expressed concern for the safety of "African minorities caught up in Libyan conflict".

Human Rights Watch's emergencies director Peter Bouckaert from Benghazi:
"If the European countries and the United States are serious about their pledges of humanitarian assistance, they should assist in getting these threatened and trapped African migrants back home," Bouckaert insisted."

In the meantime the Dutch are playing a very peculiar role, some even say the Dutch foreign minister has made a fool of himself, with three of their marines captured.


Ann Garrison said...

Well, how convenient, Vincent. I just came to get a link to your blog to hot link it into my KPFA News report.

William said...

Don't worry, the urge for thanatos is too strong among too many Europeans for their governments to hold fast against invasion, colonization, and obliteration.

Charming to see a few make a half-hearted stand, for sentimental reasons I suppose. Barring something super-natural, the rot is too deep now to be stopped.