Friday, March 18, 2011

The Ex - Theme From Konono 1 - Indie-Scene

I read in Trouw, a dutch daily, about the Congolese band Konono 1in concert in the melkweg in Amsterdam coming sunday of days ago. Here we see the Ex, a punkband from Zaandam (a city close to Amsterdam) performing in Washintgon DC. For those familiar with Congolese music, it does sound a little familiar. Newsweek wrote about Konono 1 and said that the sound would make Jimmi Hendrix proud. Band founder of Konon 1 is Mawangu mingiedi. Stan Rijven, trouw reporter, also talks about Staff Benda Bilili who will be seen on next month. is a new label for non-western music. Melkweg programmer Jair tchong says:
"Congo is an enormous powerhouse where music is concerned. Through new media people are tipping each other and Konono 1 has esthetics that is bigger then African music. It is raw tradition."
Also the first time I hear about the Indie-scene in the popmusic world that is focusing on Africa. People like Manu Chao and Damon Albarn(watch him here with Afel Bocoum - Sunset Coming On ).

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