Saturday, March 26, 2011

Africom's African Adventures Of Mythical Proportions

On St Patrick's day Africom's public affairs officer Nicole Dalrymple (princesse Alcyone) and her colleague John Travis (the heroic prince Ceyx?) decided to go on a mythical boattrip on the Zaïre river.
Allthough, as John Travis explains on his blog:
"the dark clouds should have discouraged us. The rumbling thunder coming from behind the house should have made us think twice. Hell, the quick burst of rain should have made us wonder if it would be followed by more."

They went ahead anyway.

It turned out to become more then an exciting adventure. The boat had to be pulled ashore because of a "perfect storm", as Nicole Dalrymple writes on the Africom blog today.

Should we not interpret this "prophetic blogpost" as mythical metaphorefor Africom's current adventure in Libya reassuring the public that allthough, as John Chiarello eloquently puts it
"we did it on the fly"
"we didn’t do our homework"
, in the end everyone will be drinking Primus or Turbo King in a romantic African setting?

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