Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yoweri Museveni: Revolution Is What We do

The Rwandan civil war that raged from 1990 to 1994 eventually led to a genocide. During that civil war both sides committed warcrimes.
Seneca Doane claims today:
"neighboring countries had kept the RPF going so that it was ready to stop a genocide when no one else would."

Neighbouring countries? There was just one neighbouring country that supported the RPF: Uganda. Considering the fact that Yoweri Museveni was a revolutionary who had become a radical Marxist @ University Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, and that the population of Uganda was not happy that Tutsi officers held important positions inside his army, the reason he supported the RPF were both practical and ideological. It solved an internal problem. And if he had been a rapper like Eminem he would probably have said what the heck “Mpa enkoni mpa enkoni" (you want another rap?: "Revolution is what we do".

Revolutionary armies never solved anything in Africa, they made things worse. To claim that the RPF was supported by Uganda to end a genocide is falsification of history.

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