Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shlomo Sand George Sorel's best student

Shlomo Sand
"don't mix utopia with politics, it's very important. Utopia has to direct politics, not to replace politics, it's too dangerous."

His parents had communist views. He received an MA in French History and a PhD for his thesis on "George Sorel and Marxism". George Sorgel's notion of the power of myth in people's lives inspired Marxists and Fascists.

As one of Sorel's disciples (Benito Mussolini) said, men do not move mountains; it is only necessary to create the illusion that mountains move. Social myths, says Sorel, are not descriptions of things, but "expressions of a determination to act.

Shlomo Sand claims that Zionism created the myth of the Jewish people. If you look at his communist family background and his PhD on "George Sorel and Marxism" this seems a logical approach. His central claim is that the jews who returned to Israël are not at all biological descendants of the Hebrews.He writes in his book that the jewish religion, the first monotheist religion, had started to spread across the world several hundred years before Christ.

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