Monday, February 21, 2011

Sense Of Purpose

Gert Schutte, a former Dutch MP for the Dutch political party GPV, once said he admired the socialist party (SP)'s
"ability to combine strong roots in society with the political handwork."

Nico Schipper who wrote a very critical evaluation report of the 2010 parliamentary election for the ChristenUnie, advises the party to move away from a static top-down to a more dynamic bottom-up party organisation.

It must be disappointing for Gert Schutte to read how little the party did with his wise words a decade since he stepped down as party leader of the GPV.

Winning or losing election campaigns hinges on the ability to align grassroot volonteers with diverse and even conflicting objectives. Markos Moulitsas book "Crashing the gate" makes the case that aligning these splinter groups contributed a lot to Barack Obama's victory in 2008.

I am convinced the only way this can be done is by creating a "sense of purpose".

Today George Harinck wrote an article on precisely this inability of Christian political parties in the Netherlands to redefine their sense of purpose.

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