Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Paul Kagame Invited to Denver Dictatorship Conference?

The Denver leadership conference should change it's name to Denver Dictatorship Conference if it won't back away from the invitation of Paul Kagame, a criminal with a lot of blood on his hands. Paul Kagame is responsable, according to several UN reports, of plundering the Congo, supporting armed rebels inside the Congo, crimes against humanity and possibly genocide on an immensely large scale. He butchered a large number of catholic clerics while invading Congo DRC. Clerics that protested against the way the west, especially the US through it's ambassador Susan Rice, looked away while Paul's troops made sure hundreds of thousands of refugees were killed either directly or indirectly.

Paul Kagame is directly responsable for the assassination of archbishop Christophe Munzihirwa of Kivu in 1996.


topspin said...

Thats not true UN that story was just fabricated to tournish the name of the Country of Rwanda by some people with selfish interests do not believe such stories President Paul Kagame is not a killer and is the person who has contributed to the stability of congo in the region those are baseless stories

Vincent Harris said...

It's not true because you say so? Is that a correct summary of your statement?

Anonymous said...






ruburika said...

It is appalling and unacceptable that you call Kagame a killer with blood on his hands. Harris, has it ever occurred to you that Kagame is the best thing ever to happen to Rwandans since the so called independence? apart from stopping bloodsuckers who were hell bent on exterminating one ethnic group, he has contributed to the stability of the region, ensured great strides in the development of a country that a decade and a half ago depended on borrowing 100%, ensured social economic development of all Rwandans and to a select few and now the country is not recognized for its grim past but from the tremendous progress.
FDLR is responsible for death in Congo as they continue to purge Congo's innocent lives and riches to help finance their genocidal campaigns. They are the one with blood on their hands and if anything they are the ones UN should be following.

mercyree said...

I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions but sometimes it’s better to base on facts when you are writing such an article. President Kagame is not a killer but rather saved a big number of people not only in Rwanda also in Congo. Secondly Rwanda is growing at a fast rate not only in its economy but also in terms of good governance which I believe is the reason as to why President Kagame was invited to speak at this conference.

mushaki said...

If there is a fatal lie this world has ever faced, is that Kagame is responsible for bloodshed and crime. This is like saying that these mighty heroes he always sends to Darfur for peace keeping are there for bloodshed. Does this means that all these awards he receives from different renown people are for his crimes? Open your eyes man! And see where this powerful man is leading his beloved people, look how over 16 years he has amazingly developed Rwanda. From there you will learn to earn money not by insulting Rwandan and its leader. Get a real job!

levy said...

That is a fabricated story, Kagame’s influence in Congo was to contribute to it’s stability, other than killing people. Paul Kagame’s regime is characterized by peace and unite. “Stop your false accusations”

pretty native said...

I don’t understand why people never take a second thought before rushing to make conclusions. Even a blind person can tell that Harris has no clear background to the stories he posts. In the first place apart from a few individuals who seem not to have anything to think about, it’s known to the whole world that President Paul Kagame is Rwanda’s peacemaker. So if one comes up with such a comment like he is a killer, I highly doubt that person’s instincts. But at least the Denver leadership conference was bright enough to notice that of Kagame.
In the second place, for your information Harris, find a difference between President Kagame and the FDLR as far as the Congo massacres are concerned. So @Harris, revisit your sources before saying anything else.

Vincent Harris said...

Let's limit us to the reports concerning Kagame's crimes to which I refer. This is not some lonely activist blogger who wrote these reports is it?

Obviously some Kagame activists want to divert attention from the facts.

pretty native said...

I don't think its about diverting from facts rather not dwelling on facts without evidence. All you are saying has no practically evidence, just like any adopted rumor.
Get facts, no one will deny them.
Reports without evidence are good nothings!!!

Rugamba Simon said...

I keep woundering why UN doesnt value the progress President Kagame has brought to Rwanda and its people.It is very clear that Rwandan troops were in Congo for the purpose of protecting Rwandans from FDRL rebel attacks not to kill people.Any one can take an example of FDRL members who decided to come back home and are leaving a joyful life.Why would Kagame stop genocide in Rwanda, keep peace in Sudan and on top of all this be accused of killing again.

Vincent Harris said...

Rugamba, it would be appreciated if you limit your comments to the reports I refer to in this post. Economic progress or crimes by the FDLR are subjects we could write about some other day. Today the topic is crimes by Paul Kagame's troops, his responsability for human rights violations, crimes against humanity and possibly genocide. Suporting armed rebel groups in Congo. These crimes are documented in the reports I refer to. So next time you post, you will explain to me and others why these reports are baseless.

Explaining will not entail conspiracy theories, innuendo and personal attacks.

Rugamba simon said...

Hello Vicent.
I would like to know where you are, there is no doubt your amoung thoes people who speack negatively about Rwanda from abroad or maybe you dont know the Rwanda of taday. I would like to call up on Rwandans to be very carefull with such articles and understand well that anyone who charges President Kagame for such allegations doesnt only dislike him in person but also Rwanda as a country.Lets focus on building our country and continue from where our President's regim put us.Vicent please stop spoiling our country, and if in any way you have facts, bring them up for public to see other than just writing which be useless at the end of the day.

Vincent Harris said...

Are you threatening me? Limit your comments to the reports I am referring to.

muhangi said...

Harris ihope you know the role of the UN a mong is to protect such cases your talking a bout in the report what are they doing in congo why don't they stop such killings are they there to only smuggle gold and fabricate stories they should focus on such issues as they pretend to do all this shows that they create stories, they never stoped genocide in rwanda and now they falsely accuse the person who stoped it to be the killer thats redicurous

mushaki said...

mr haris no one has time to talk about those stupidity revealed on that repport.

Vincent Harris said...

Allthough I disagree with most of the comments concerning the status of these reports, I do appreciate feedback concerning my blog and blogpost. And I love my readers, cherish comments and take into account constructive criticism.

It would be a step forward if we could turn the energy of heated online debate into a collaborative and creative exercise.

What blogs on Zaïre, Rwanda and Burundi do you currently read. What angle do you like bloggers like me to fly in on African politics and development?

Myself I would love to read about the current politics in Rwanda, Congo or Burundi? If you have interesting information and stories, don't hesitate to share.

If you have a blog yourself, write a critical review of one or more of my articles and I will be happy to link back.

Anonymous said...

OK facts:
1st- Laurent Nkunda, backed by Kagame, committed atrocities in Congo- Congo wants him, Kagame arrests him and then, guess what? Nkunda never goes to Congo.

2nd- Go look up the UN "Mapping Report" about Rwanda's involvement in Congo.

3rd- Rwanda decries the Obama's administration's insistence on being able to track the provenance of conflict minerals because it would "slow down progress".
Guess what? The exports of tonnages of coltan from Rwanda- as reported by the Rwandan governmental agency, exceeds by 10 times the actual cash received as stated by the Rwandan Central bank. They are so brazen as to not even get their own story straight internally.
Do some research, put your emotions to the side. The appeal to emotions, rather than facts, is what Kagame has been using to hide behind since he took over- "genocide sympathy", as he plunders his neighbors and represses dissent internally.

Anonymous said...
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Ann Garrison said...

Oh my dear friend Vincent, I've left you all alone here under siege, facing the weight of evidence behind a statement like "Kagame’s influence in Congo was to contribute to it’s stability" all by yourself.

Hope you can forgive me while I try to get your very important piece on Southern African and South Asian migrants trapped in Libya published on AfrobeatRadio.net.

Anonymous said...

I hate most these comments by Kagame's activists. They have always been like this and this is what they were trained in. Regardless, the truth will be known one day and all of you who are posting baseless stuff will be ashamed!
The Rwandan leadership is a pure form of dictatorship. There is no big difference between Kagame and Kaddafi! Drop your emotions and look at the real facts! Unfortunately, all is about business and money, but the poor will come over and the truth will come out one day! You'll be ashamed...trust me. And it does not matter what time it has to take.

Ann Garrison said...

Hmmm. This is interesting. This post seems to have established some status on the Web because it just came up readily in a Google Search for Kagame, despite the date of its posting.