Monday, February 28, 2011

Khadaffi Sycophancy

A piece of "Khadaffi sycophancy"written yesterday by Hakeem Babalola, an African living in Hungary, who visited Tripoli and attended the "historic meeting of African diaspora" there last month. Two beautiful quotes that could have walked straight out of some of the inspiring stories by one of my favorite journalists on Kigali and Rwanda's visionary leader, Paul Kagame:
"I was impressed to see an African leader being genuinely loved by his people"
"What I found out during my three-day-stay in Tripoli is this: Almost every Libyan has roof over their head. Life expectancy is said to be over 70. Per capital income is about 12,000 dollars. It seems the rich and the “poor” eat the same kind of food. And there’s almost no beggar and homeless in Tripoli."

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