Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Great Lakes Blogosphere Roundup

Lindy Janssen @lindyjanssen had a discussion on democracy in Rwanda with a Rwandan student. Anneke Verbraeke @anneketanneke makes me aware of the interview of Brian Endless with Theogene Rudasingwa @mbishya on his work for the regime of Paul Kagame during the invasion of Congo in 1996.

Joseph Powell (@josephpowell) writes some Kagame PR piece at the @onecampaign blog. Honestly, I still don't get why an American development agency has to write public relations pieces on African presidents (dubious or not dubious).

Two Rwandan journalists, Agnes Nkusi and Saidath Mukakibibi, were recently given jailterms of 17 and 7 years. Let's not forget them! Cry For Freedom @Rwandankunda writes about this in his last article: jailing journalists on ridiculous charges.

Sunkissed writes about Philip Gourevitch being on the defensive:
"peddling, spinning, attempting to find his way out of a web he’s woven around himself."

Jean-Christophe Nizeyimana writes on the vasectomy campaign in Rwanda.

If you have any other interesting blogposts concerning Rwanda, Congo or Burundi, comment here or on twitter @coloredopinions.

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