Friday, February 25, 2011

African Refugees Trapped In Gaddafi's Libya

Update saturday february 26:
RFI Laura Angela Bagnetto writes:
"refugees suffer during Libya protests"
Obviously in an effort to try to please the Dutch Xenophobic electorat which has, for the last decade, been mainly using the polls to express it's total lack of respect for fellow citizens (of foreign origin) and baseless hatred for immigrants, Uri Rosenthal's, Dutch foreign affairs minister, first reaction to the Libyan crisis was twofold:
"Let's get Dutch citizens out of Libya safely and make sure no more immigrants reach Europe."
Italy's government reaction yesterday focused on the:
"threat of massive immigration from Libya"
The UN recently published a report on racism in Libya against the two million Subsaharan migrant workers.

In that context, we read about the fate of thousands of stranded African refugees inside Libya. Adding to their hopeless situation is the cynical use by Kadafi of African Mercenaries. The mercenary story has off course been widely published, and will soon be circulating at highspeed throughout the african blogosphere, Ethiopian, Eritrean and Somalian bloggers have allready geared up in a desperate cry for help.
Yusuf Dirir Ali, a Somalian blogger writes:
"many angry mobs are targeting black Africans after reports that the government was using “African mercenaries” to repress the revolt was transmitted by Western media."
A cry for help, repeated by another Somali blogger: Somali For Jesus.

Europeans will try very hard to keep this story out of the news. Showing pictures of "our" pilots flying European and American citizens to Krete or Cyprus is what they want to see.
Somalilandpress reported the lynching of four Somali immigrants in Libya. In all likelyhood these lynchings were a response to the stories of mercenaries killings in the street of Tripoli.

Europe has a heavy responsability for the wellbeing of refugees in Libya. The reason I say this is obvious, European governments, like the Netherlands, helped Libya to create a buffer against subsaharan African immigrants to Europe. Who does not remember Gaddafi's recent visit to Italy? It seemed funny to see one of the most xenophobic presidents receive Gaddafi, but in reality the visit of Libyan president Gaddafi was in line with European policy to use Libya as buffer to counter immigration.

UNHCR has allready issued this statement

"UNHCR fears for the safety of refugees caught in Libya's violence"

Thanks Schröder, Berlusconi and the rest Europe for your great leadership in support of this visionary leader.
West’s disgraceful handling of Libya and it's irrational leader:
"See that camel-rider over there?” he said. “That camel-rider takes part in the decision-making process in Libya!”
Germany trained Libyan forces as Anthony Loewenstein writes:
"Schroeder was fixing up a deal whereby elite German commandos would train the Libyan security services"

I encourage my fellow bloggers and all my readers to start blogging this story, just like migrantsatsea, and mutually sharing through social media.
"African refugees from Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea have told us that just being a black face in Libya is very dangerous at the moment,’ spokeswoman Sybella Wilkes told Reuters….”


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