Saturday, February 19, 2011

African Grassroot Politics In Groningen: David Kinanga Samuel

David Kinanga Samuel, born in Luanda, is running for office as representative at the provincial council in Groningen, a Province in the North of the Netherlands. As multicultural projectlead he has been and still is working hard to reachout to the African diaspora community in the northern provinces now and during the local and national campaign of the ChristenUnie this last year.

He arranged a meeting of Cynthia Ortega Martijn, MP ChristenUnie, with local pastors of migrant churches in order to engage the different communities.

As local municipal candidate in the village Hoogezand Sappemeer in 2010 he explained february 17 2010 why he chose ChristenUnie. Here are two noteworthy quotes:

"The ChristianUnion stands up for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers . In 2006 we have accomplished a general pardon for 26.000 asylum seekers who had lived many years in The Netherlands."
The Dutch society is multicultural. Many political parties nowadays call this a problem. The ChristenUnion stands up for the right of those who came from abroad to live and work in The Netherlands.

On february 25th 2011 a political rally in support of David Kinanga Samuel's candidacy is organized in the University town of Groningen.

One of the predecessors of the ChristenUnie, GPV, has long held a tradition of real grassroot politics (as opposed to the astroturf). The political handwork which David Kinanga Samuel has done sofar can be seen in that context. Determination, tenacity and conviction have allways been at the heart of the antirevolutionary struggle for peacefull transition and democratic development in Dutch society. Just read this valuable article about Pieter Vermeulen. Elected or not David Kinanga Samuel reminds us all again of how Christian democratic politics is bottom-up, not top-down.

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