Monday, December 13, 2010

Tshisekedi's Project Is? Kagame the Godfather

Etienne Tshisekedi's return  ,and his nomination as Presidential candidate for the UDPS despite some internal friction, has sparked speculations in the Congolese blogosphere concerning his chances in 2011. Journal l'horizon writes:
"The UDPS can attain power only if it uses its strenghts in order to organize and unite around a clear project, before claiming to unite all the opposition and beyond that the whole country The oldest opposition party should create a "brain trust" and a communication unit, well equipped, working in a professional and modern way."
Alex Engwet thinks Tshisekedi has a "conspiracy mindset" approvingly quoting MP Yves Kisombe who recently qualified Tshitshi's political discourse as "archaic" and "wacky" [désaxé], and "therefore unappealing to mainstream voters."

In my view the UDPS should stop focusing on Louis Michel. The Louis Michel bashing takes too much energy away from serious matters. And focusing on Kabila as a Rwandan doesn't sound like a very smart strategy either.

Can the "Sphinx of Limete" still count on "his" Kasaï? Can Kasaï's current Governor Alphonse Ngoy Kasanji block Tshisekedi's path to victory? Does Thisekedi's support go beyond Mbujimayi as the blog of  Belgian Congol nostalgics claims? Can Congolese politics go beyond the predictable  "polemique" between for example Tshisekedi and Kashala supporters? Can Congolese politics at least decide on ignoring Colette Braeckmann for the next two years? BanaCongo writes that UDPS members and supporters who opposed Thisekedi's nomination were not welcome at his arrival and nomination: Belchika, Ringhini and Mubake. Ambassador François Xavier Belchika is an important member of the UDPS, and it shows that the division runs pretty deep. Belchika was vice-president of the organising committee of the first party congress and visited Europe and the UDPS Benelux in 2008. The UDPs Benelux forum has the story.

So I can find them back, her a great collection of quotes on CongoTimes by political figures on Etienne Tshisekedi's nomination speech and his request to unite behind the UDPS.

In the meantime we witness again how Kagame defines the RPF as a family, probably considering himself the godfather:
“Individuals will come and go, but the family will always remain,”
Kagame's numerous assasinations of previous collaborators do remind me of the movie Godfather."Sonny Corleone gets whacked" is probably his favorite scene.

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