Friday, December 10, 2010

Museveni Haunted By Habyarimana's Spirit?

The terrorist attack on former Rwandan President Habyarimana's airplane by a surface to air missile in 1994 in Kigali triggered the Rwandan genocide. French investigation (and a UN investigation before that) points to Paul Kagame's RPF as authors of this terrorist act. Was Museveni involved in the preparation and execution of this crime?

 I came across the interesting story by Edward Mulindwa which alleges precisely that Museveni (M7) invited Habyarimana to Dar-es-Salaam april 6 1994 in order to trap him:
"At Dar es Salaam, first, this man Museveni arrived extremely late. Then also during the meeting he kept talking and talking about irrelevant things which had nothing to do with agreed agenda and the meeting couldn't end on time. Ugandans know that this is typical Museveni backward manners, where he delays for hours thinking the whole world should wait for him and then enjoy the sound of his voice for more hours. But looking back, it seems Museveni made sure Habyarimana was delayed in Tanzania until dusk so that by the time they would arrive in Kigali, it would be dark (insecure). Darkness would be the best time in terms of visibility (planes lights, and noise as the city is quieter) and the shooters not being detected under cover of darkness."
How ironic to read, courtesy of wikileaks,  that Museveni lives in constant fear of being shot out of the air by Libyan President Ghadaffi:

"A cable written on June 18, 2008 discloses it was after a meeting five days earlier between President Museveni and former US Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Jendayi Frazer that the Ugandan leader expressed growing tensions with the Arab state and fears for his life.
Arising out of their conflicting standpoints on the political unity of Africa, President Museveni feared an attack on his aircraft on President Gaddafi’s instructions. “(President) Museveni noted that tensions with Gaddafi are growing as a result, and he worries that Gaddafi will attack his plane while flying over international airspace. Museveni requested that the US and Uganda governments co-ordinate to provide additional air radar information when he flies over international airspace, the June 18 cable states."
 Is Museveni haunted by his own bad conscious or by Habyarimana's spirit?

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