Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mazembe Lubumbashi Writes African Football History!

Mazembe's coach Lamine N'Diay historic words for the whole of Africa:
    "our goalkeeper (Muteba Kidiaba) was like a magician! (ndoki)"

One of Lubumbashi's footballclubs Mazembe is writing African football history today! Lubumbashi probably exploded tonight with joy when Mazembe beat Internacional. I will keep you informed on the events in Lubumbashi surrounding this world event! Moïse Katumbi has the right to party tonight!!! And the governor of east Kasaï , Alphonse Ngoy Kasanji has the right to make another youtube video.

Let's not forget that Mazembe in may gave a new meaning to the Dutch football wisdom coined by Rinus Michels, a famous football coach: "Football is war" when it was expelled from the Kagame cup .

Who needed the Kagame Cup anyway! A cup aimed at glorifying the dictatorship of a criminal responsable for a lot of human misery in the Great Lakes Region.

Lamine N'Diay realizes this is a great victory for Congo and a historic moment for Africa, let's see how many African bloggers will talk about it in the coming day. 

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