Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mazembe Sparks Congolese Social Media Frenzy

The Congo narrative has been dominated by western specialists who framed the story as a "failed state" narrative. Major western media like CNN
"The conflict pitted different Congolese ethnic groups -- funded and armed by many of the country's neighbors -- against each other."
(why does CNN hire journalists like James Montague to write down this kind of misinformation ???)

are noticably struggling and still try to frame the story in that context, the real story is made by Congolese themselves and mostly through social media. Congolese, through social media like blogs, facebook, youtube and twitter are writing this new narrative. Congolese are writing history today!

Blatter said today that "a new page in the history of football will be written today  when we have the final of the Club World Cup with an African team involved."

Partying Congolese football players in the locker room , their crazy goaly Muteba Kidiaba going viral, or Lubumbashi's great journalist in Abu Dhabi 3xtshi sending us his "Kwaheri- 2010 - Karibu 2011"

Congolese, contrary to what CNN wants us to believe, don't see ethnic conflict as root cause of the Congo wars and are pressing the US as chair of the UN security council to:
"seek justice for the victims of an ongoing holocaust in the Congo and specifically asking that the long-suppressed U.N. “Mapping Report” showing complicity of the current government of Rwanda be seriously examined and addressed"
The US State Department and Pentagon have failed to adapt their foreign policies to their new world order from 1990 onward. They decided to drop their former allied dubious autocratic regimes in Africa like hot potatoes. The Apartheid regime in South Africa and Mobutu See See Seko in Congo were the major casualties.  A sad illustration of the fact that Charles de Gaulle's visionary wisdom "France has no friends, only interests"seems to be a basic law in international politics.

The complementary "failed state" narrative claimed as selfevident truth that the only cause of Congo's wars was Mobutu See See Seko and the Congolese people. This narrative can be easily deducted from these extremely funny exchanges between Alex Perry and longtime US Congolese activist Kambale Musavuli, thanks to off course Flair's Julie Holler (give credit where credit is due).

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