Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mazembe And Kidiaba Goes Viral On Social Media

Lubumbashi's lonely blogger Ian harvey explains the downside:
" The power only went off once this evening during Mazembes victorious performance in the semi final of the Club World Cup"
A Malawi Blogger in Montreal points to the upside:
"On the other hand, Lubumbashi in D.R Congo is probably the happiest and loudest city in Africa at this  moment "

Soccernet explaims:

"Pele predicted 2010 would be the year that an African team would win the World Cup didn't say which one, so he may yet be proved right."

And Keutsepilemang Ndebele, author of Tsendex's Diski blog calls the African Champion Mazembe:
 "revelation in playing textbook football."
Helen Lloyd, who arrived in Lubumbashi ten days ago by train from Kaniema, left yesterday by bike, just before Mazembe, Kidiaba and Lubumbashi went viral online. She did take some great pictures of her biking trip through Congo and her stay in Lubumbashi.

Mazembe Halloween-meets-bondage style fans  "Slightly more tribal then the Oakland Raiders, but no less freakish"  (FIFA take a good look at these pictures here, isn't this illegal Kabila publicity?) Consider this: Kidiaba's signature victory dance risk going viral as we speak. As Peter Bein stresses:
"Kidiaba may also win a prize for the best celebration of the tournament after shuffling along the ground on his backside after each goal."
 Humility and realism by losing Internacional coach Celso Roth sums it up all:

“I’ve said it before from the last World Cup too that it was time for an African country to win something. Things like this happen and we have to deal with it.”

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