Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kagame's RPF Using Harvard For Propaganda Purposes

 In an interview, Mark Tracy, a member of the  Harvard delegation visiting Rwanda, (organized by Angelique Kantengwa who until 2009 had an important job at the Rwandan national bank) , claimed that Rwanda as a country, its people and President Kagame have taught them many lessons that they are eager to take to their own countries when they go back.
"Frankly speaking, the portrayal of Rwanda in the Western press does not equal what we have seen here, so we are very enthusiastic about becoming ambassadors and taking the message back to our countries,"
What stories in the western press is Mark Tracy talking about? This very broad claim can't be justified and is a gross mischaracterisation of the debate taking place in western press on Rwanda. Mark Tracy probably did not even read Jimmy Wu's article on Rwanda in the Harvard Review before going on his trip.

Is Mark Tracy here denying the facts recorded on Colored Opinions and many other news sites concerning the election rigging by Paul Kagame? Is he denying the crimes committed by Paul Kagame's RPF in Congo, as recently reconfirmed by the mapping report?

Let me remind Mark Tracy that:
" the ICC hand is slowly closing in on Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda like a horse shoe"
Can Mark Tracy explain to us why:

 "pressure mounts on Kagame, despite poll win?"

Mark Tracy's visit and positive image of Rwanda does not diminish the seriousness of the crimes committed by Paul Kagame. I find it disturbing that people like Angelique Kantengwa continue their effort spreading half truths concerning  the way western media have covered Rwanda and the nature of the RPF regime over the last year.

People responsable for the program in Harvard should have a serious discussion with this lady concerning her motives. A visit and friendly talk with Paul Kagame does not bring back to life the political opponents (like Green Party Vice-President Andre Kagwa Rwisereka) and journalists (like Leonard Rugambage) he killed! It does not change the seriousness of the findings in the mapping report, does it?

It proves to me once again that the RPF is not concerned with the truth, but only with results and image building. Their effort has allways been to manipulate international opinion in their favor. Angelique Kantengwa is no acception to that basic trait of this revolutionary movement.  Harvard and many other American institutions should be carefull getting so close to a criminal and ademocratic politcal movement that has a track record of assasinating political opponents abroad (recent failed attempt on Nyamwasa in South Africa for example), killing politicians and journalists at home, false accusations against Rwandan dissidents, like the Rwandan professor Leopold Munyakazi in Maryland last year, false accusations against critics like Paul Rusesabagina and Texas Senator (D) Robert Krueger (2008, claims that they sent weapons to the FDLR have never been substantiated).

Apparently studying in Harvard does not guarantee that someone will continue to use the God given brains he received. Incredibly sad how often I have read these lame stories concerning Rwanda in American press over the years complaining about the bad coverage of Rwanda's "miracle". Bravo, American Ivy league students, continue sticking your arrogant heads in the sand and supporting a criminal in Central Africa. I will certainly remember it! Imagine people like Mark Tracy and Jared Cohen being our future leaders! How much respect do you think these people have for mainstreet America? Guess twice.

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Ann Garrison said...

Harvard seems to come up in relation to Kagame quite often. Samantha Power has a chair there, re global leadership and human rights, which doesn't say much for Harvard's scholarship or human rights advocacy.