Friday, December 10, 2010

Imam Cheikh Hamza Congera Killed in Bujumbura Burundi

Imam Cheikh Hamza Congera was killed by three shots in Bujumbura yesterday. Cheikh Hamza Congera was active in the opposition party UPD of former strong man Hussein Radjabu, who is now in prison. . Chauvineau Mugwengezo, spokesperson for UPD claims that the Imam was killed for his views on democracy. The president of the muslim community in Burundi (Comibu), Cheikh Idi Kabano says he is saddened by this assination and at the same time asked that we should not quarrel over it.

Recent tensions, assasinations between CNDD-FDD and FNL give rise to fears. We should not forget 300.000 people were killed from 1996 to 2006.

At the same time, since december second four Burundian batallions are deployed in Somalia. A total of 3000 Burundian soldiers That makes a total of 9 batallions: 5 Ugandan and 4 Burundian.

In the meantime the journalist  Jean-Claude Kavumbagu is still in Jail "on bogus charges".CPJ Deputy Director Robert Mahoney and East Africa Consultant Tom Rhodes met with Kavumbagu, editor of the French-language news site Net Press, at Mpimba Prison in Bujumbura on Wednesday for more than an hour and Robert Mahoney called for his immediate release:
"The case against Jean-Claude Kavumbagu has been mishandled from day one," said Mahoney. "He has been charged with 'treason in time of war' but even the prosecutor has acknowledged in court that Burundi is not at war. He should be released immediately and this bogus indictment dropped."

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