Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gatsimbazi Case

Kagame does not want journalist Gatsimbazi to talk with foreign organisations and embassies about the the lack of press freedom:
"REFO observed that Gatsimbazi, even though there were genuine concerns, should have not disregarded other levels where the issue would have been handled like the forum itself, the Media High Council (MHC) or the Association of Rwandan Journalists (ARJ) before addressing it with embassies and foreign organizations."
I hope Gatsimbazi and CPJ will carefully read the statements by the Presidential security advisor and make a clear statement concerning the slanderous allegations by this Richard Rutatina who apparently thinks he is  God in Rwanda. The smear campaign by Kagame's dogs against Gatsimbazi clearly was not stopped by the CPJ effort. Richard Rutatina maintains his false claims.

"Cananda should put pressure on Rwanda to respect free press"

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