Monday, November 1, 2010

Frans Makken: Pontius Pilate In Rwanda

Frans Makken, Dutch Ambassador to Rwanda and vice-chair of the Rwandan electoral commission (NEC) stated to the ANP press service today:
"De Nederlandse ambassade in Rwanda kan 'officieel' niks doen voor de gearresteerde oppositieleidster Victoire Ingabire"
Translated: "The Dutch Ambassy in Rwanda can "offcially" do nothing for the arrested oppositionleader Victoire Ingabire".

As if Victoire Ingabire has ever asked to be treated as a Dutch citizen. On the contrary. The demonstrators in The Hague (watch the video below) and members of Dutch parliament, Dijkhof (VVD)  and Voordewind (ChristenUnie) did not ask for that either. Frans Makken is intentionally twisting this story.

But let me summarize what Frans Makken did do for Victoire Ingabire "unofficially":

He accepted to legitimize the fake Rwandan elections by Co-chairing the Rwandan National Electoral Commission and afterwards claiming that these elections were "free and fair". The statements made by Foreign affairs minister Maxime Verhagen at the time, illustrated the fact that Frans Makken is no friend of the truth.

After having sided with a criminal regime for the last half year, being instrumental in legitimizing totally rigged elections and claiming two weeks ago that "it's unfortunate the mapping report has come out now and in the way it is" he now states that he can't do anything "officially" for Victoire Ingabire. As if he has ever done anything "unofficially". The statement by Frans Makken today underscores the fact that he now wants to wash his hands in innocence.

The mapping report is indeed "unfortunate". It's unfortunate for diplomats like Frans Makken and their "honeymoon" with the RPF. Does he really think people won't remember the role he played in the Rwandan election rigging?


Ann Garrison said...

Great report, CP. Thanks. The 2001 UN report on illegal mineral extraction in Congo demonstrates that the Netherlands is one of the U.S. allies benefiting most from all this.

Ann Garrison said...

And Bill Clinton will be washing his hands for the rest of his life as well.

Nkunda said...

this is one great piece, Harris...excellent job!

ColoredOpinions said...

The article summarizes available facts and statements by the Dutch Ambassador. Off course anyone can we speculate about the reasons behind Frans Makken's "honeymoon" with the RPF. I tend to believe it's purely based on a "consensus".