Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rwanda plans to send Interpol after Professor Peter Erlinder

"Ngoga said Rwanda would turn to Interpol if Erlinder failed to respond to an eventual summons."  

"Rwanda's chief prosecutor Martin Ngoga on Wednesday said American lawyer Peter Erlinder could be summoned within two weeks."

(Reported by Reuters on Friday, October 22nd, 2010.)

I'm going to respond more casually here on the CP blog than I would on a newspaper site, and simply ask, "Are they out of their fffffffffffffing minds??????????"

Reuters also reported that the International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda "urged the Central African nation not to prosecute a U.S. lawyer over charges of genocide denial."   Especially not this lawyer, I'm sure.   Because he's making the ICTR looks worse and worse with each new act in this farce.

Rwanda Chief Prosecutor Martin Ngoga says that he will send Interpol after Professor Peter Erlinder.


ColoredOpinions said...

Depends who you ask. Rama Isibo would probably make it sound really smart.

Ann Garrison said...

Beyond me. I know I could Google, but that would just aggravate my ADD at the moment. Rama Isibo?