Thursday, September 9, 2010

Search Driven Business Management

50 Ways to Make Google love your Website says:
"The time is right to promote the experienced and expensive search specialists into leading roles within organisations."
Sounds similar to what Brian Solis said at the World Public Relations Forum (june 14/15 see video below):
"The dreamclient would be that there just is this general sentiment that they are ready for change and just need the information and intelligence to do so "
Businesses could off course focus on the search for these "digital Five Tool Player". But I believe Brian Solis sumarized very well the way forward in new media:

"I believe that we collectively are going to be for ever students of new media"
Howard Kurtz at the Washington Post illustrates this very well, while even he is struggling "to appease the Google Gods". Brian Clegg's review  of  "50 Ways to Make Google love your Website" illustred that many online marketing books and articles reinforce the misconception that it is very hard for (small) businesses to use new media succesfully to reach their clients:
"the recommendations are so hard! Unless your website is your life, or the lifeblood of your business, no one sane could be bothered to do everything suggested "
But if you consider the enormous impact of google search on businesses small and large this sounds a lot like someone ignoring a Tsunami warning. Let's keep it simple. 50 Ways to Make Google love your Website uses the The tripod of google love "visibility, relevance and reputation" to explain what steps a business should take in order to effectively use new media for business.Brian Solis uses the simmilar "relevance resonance and significance" tripod. To summarize the book I would use the word relevance and it's definition on page 47:

 "Match what you offer to the way people ask Google for it."
 In fact, after reading the book, I am convinced that relevance is the fundamental aspect of search driven online marketing. Lee Odden of Online Marketing Blog further explains how relevance can be achieved in his article " 3 ways to make your online marketing more targeted":   
"In the search engine marketing game, relevance is essential for improving marketing effectiveness.  Better understanding your customers, the keyword searches they use and the offers they're most likely to respond to are the key to making your online marketing more targeted and successful."

    "Three key questions small business marketers should answer as they develop their online marketing strategy.

    1. What are your searcher personas?
    2. What is the ideal keyword mix?
    3. Is your content optimized for specifics? "

  Brian Solis
"your business dynamics, your community are different then customers at starbucks"

Once you have figured out relevance, you can start worrying about linkbuilding

Reputation depends on how many (important) websites link to your website: "Resonance". A very worthwhile blog  Wiep by Wiep Knol is a good source for information on this intriguing topic. And considering the number of links to my blog Colored Opinions, I still find comfort in reading "The loneliness of the long-tail blogger" 

Every business has it's "authenticity"  and personality which are off course important, but to me relevance is the essence of search driven business management.


Ann Garrison said...

@CP: How do you know how many links there are to your blog?

ColoredOpinions said...

here is an article about how to find the links to your blog

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