Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Rwandan Patriotic Army's advance on Kigal and Zaire (Congo), 1990-

On 09.12.2010, Monthly Review Zine published an essay by ICTR lawyer Christopher Black, containing the following important paragraph:

‎"It, [a letter from Kagame, offered in evidence at the ICTR], means the attack on Rwanda from 1990 was not the prime objective of Kagame and his collaborators. Zaire [Congo] was always the prime objective."

The letter reads:

'Dear Brother Jean Baptiste Bagaza, 

We have the greatest honour to extend our sincere gratitude to you both for your financial and technical support in our struggle that has just ended with the taking of Kigali.

'Rest assured that our plan to continue shall be pursued as we agreed at our last meeting in Kampala.  Last week I communicated with our big brother Yoweri Museveni and decided to make some modifications to the plan.  Indeed, as you have noted, the taking of Kigali quickly provoked a panic among the Hutus who fled to Goma and Bukavu.  We have found that the presence of a large number of Rwandan refugees at Goma and the international community can cause our plan for Zaire to fail.  We cannot occupy ourselves with Zaire until after the return of these Hutus.  All means are being used for their return as rapidly as possible.  In any case, our external intelligence services continue to crisscross the east of Zaire and our Belgian, British and American collaborators, the rest of Zaire.  The action reports are expected in the next few days.

'Concerning the Burundi plan, we are very content with your work to ensure the failure of the policies of FRODEBU.  It is necessary to paralyze the power of FRODEBU until the total ruin of the situation in order to justify your action that must not miss its target.  Our soldiers will be deployed, this time, not only in Bujumbura, but in the places you judge strategic.  Our elements stationed at Bugesera are ready to intervene at any moment.  The plan for Burundi must be executed as soon as possible before the Hutus of Rwanda can organize themselves.

'In the hope of seeing you next time at Kigali, we ask you to accept, dear brother, our most respectful greetings'.

General Paul Kagame
Minister of Defence (signed by his assistant Mr. Rwego


The Rwandan Patriotic Front's Bloody Record and the History of UN Cover-Ups
by Christopher Black

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