Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kagame's Illegal Agression Against Rwanda In 1990

Yesterday Sunny Ntayombya wrote in The New Times  (RPF Supporting Daily) the following about an article by Christian Davenport:
"To quote the professor, he says that "It is a largely overlooked fact that the then-rebel Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), which essentially became the current government, illegally invaded a sovereign nation. At that time, there was no genocide in Rwanda, only ethnic discrimination with a low level of violence".
Now I might not be an expert at international law, but to say that refugees 'illegally' invaded their own homeland is rather silly. I guess Mr. Davenport is of the school that believes that the RPF/A was just a splinter group of the Ugandan NRM/A. I can't really reason with him if he believes that truly. However, if he knows better (and I believe he does) then he's simply foolish.
The RPF/A was composed of Rwandans who'd been forced to leave their home because of the political travails the country went through. They never renounced their citizenship and therefore had every right to reclaim their rights through any means they could."
The fact that Rwandan refugees in Uganda and elsewhere never gave up their Rwandan citizenship is certainly not sufficient basis to legitimize the violent struggle by the RPF in 1990.  Even today no rebel movement, not the FDLR, not the CNDP, not even the Palestinian PLO or Hamas  have the right to "reclame their rights through any means they can".


Ann Garrison said...

Kagame seems to be more determined to extradite and or repatriate refugees than any head of state on earth, for fear that they'll organize to invade and overthrow him as he did Habyarimana.

ColoredOpinions said...

If even The New Times thinks that it's sufficient to be Rwandan and be refugee abroad to start a legitimate rebellion from another country, I would also be worried.