Saturday, August 21, 2010

US State Department Lacks Consistency On Democracy Promotion

Dutch ambassador to Suriname, Aart Jacobi, reminded reporters Monday that Bouterse (who will head the newly formed coalition government) , was convicted in absentia in 1999 and later sentenced to 11 years in prison, would not be welcome in the Netherlands.

The US State Department put out a statement concerning the new coalition Government in Suriname, headed by  Desi Bouterse, which reads:

"We will be clear with the incoming Suriname government that, for good relations with the United States and the international community, we expect this new government to stand firm against corruption and respect democratic principles, human rights, and the rule of law," the State Department said."
It's a preposterous statement  for two reasons. Firstly, wether you like Desi Bouterse or not, he has certainly not rigged these elections. In Suriname free and fair elections took place and also: Desi Bouterse will head a coalition government.

Secondly, it's a preposterous statement considering the State Department's active support and propaganda for a man who has total disdain for democratic principles: Paul Kagame. A  war criminal who would be in exactedly the same situation:"convicted in absentia" (in Spain for much more serious crimes then those which Desi Bouterse is convicted of, were it not for his Presidential immunity).

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