Friday, August 27, 2010

Rwanda: Lindsey Hilsum's Strategic Spin Concerning Leaked "Genocide" Report

Some journalists really are a disgrace to their profession. The perfect example today at Channel4:  Lindsey Hilsum. Off course Lindsey, there was a "strategic leak", Jason Stearns has explained that (which she fails to mention). The strategic leak has obviously to do with the fact that Paul Kagame's regime is accused of genocide and is trying to influence the final draft of the document. To avoid these changes the leaks have occurred. But Channel4's Lindsey Hilsum quotes a known and active RPF member from Rwanda, Rama Isibo, to spin the story  :

 "The motives for the leak have also been questioned by other commentators in Africa.
Journalist Rama Isibo who is based in the east African country, told Channel 4 News he believed the leak was strategic and a politically motivated move by the UN: "There's just a stunned silence here.At the time, there were several countries involved in that war, so why have they focused on Rwanda? My personal opinion is that (the report) was a counter-leak to take pressure off the UN which has been under a lot of scrutiny because of the rape story in Congo."
Lindsey Hilsum, let me call her the channel 4 spindoctor, obviously has an agenda, which we can read  later on:
"I have no doubt that the RPF tried to destroy the Hutus in DRC. But it accomodated those who returned to Rwanda. So is this morally equivalent to the Hutu extremists' attempt to wipe out the Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994? Should "in whole" and "in part" be regarded as equally heinous?"
Apparently she is convinced that genocide is defined by public opinion and she is glad to spin it in the "right"  direction.

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