Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pascal Gahamanyi How Can You Stoop So Low?

Pascal Gahamanyi gets a full page in Andrew Mwenda's newspaper "the independent"  to write some fairy tales on what the RPF stands for. This is called propaganda of a very low kind. I hope those admirers of Andrew Mwenda will take note of this piece. And this is not the first article written in "the independent" that show that Andrew Mwenda's paper is in fact mouthpiece for the RPF.

It shows that Paul Kagame's RPF is not ready to listen to those in the west that are "concerned". Paul Kagame is ready to go forward with his campaign of propaganda and lies.  Reading several articles by African journalists I can imagine that Paul Kagame is buying journalists to write these distortions. Like he bought the "Kagame Cup" to gain popularity in east africa. 

Andrew Mwenda himself writes a piece  to say what?

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