Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why Rwanda's sham election must be stopped

by Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, FDU-Inkingi

After 16 years in exile, I came back peacefully to my motherland.
Peace will be my guiding light in my political activities and the activities of my political organization, FDU INKINGI, in our endeavor to end injustice and remove all barriers to the people’s full enjoyment of their inalienable political and civil rights.

The Rwandan people are now living in anxiety and fear and are longing and yearning for a genuine policy of national unity and reconciliation.

My party and I are engaged in a political struggle which will lead us to victory against all forms of injustice and [for] genuine democracy based on the freedom of each and every one. We will soon witness sham elections in which election results are already established to hoodwink the world that the people have been given a choice. The main preoccupation [of the incumbent] is to cling to power that has been seized through the force of arms.

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