Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pentagon Complicity In Great Lakes Crimes

In  march 2007 General "Kip" Ward (Africom) said:
“There is need for peace and stability and prosperity in the Great Lakes Region and the entire African continent, and we are optimistic that Rwanda is playing a significant role in realizing this dream.”
Do you really think General  "Kip" Ward was not aware of the sordid role Rwanda was playing in Congo at the time? General "Kip" Ward knew that Rwanda was helping Laurent Nkunda at the time butchering and raping Congolese men and women. He just either "didnt'care" (Paul Kagame), "looked the other way" (Susan Rice) or thought we should "hunt them down until they die"(Thomas P. Odom). Or does General "Kip" Ward believe stability in the Great Lakes region is achieved through rape and mass murder? The Pentagon has some serious explaining to do, and sofar we are not reading any of that.

Peter Erlinder wrote february 2008:
"According to Atwood, unknown to the State Department, “the Pentagon had been supporting Kagame since before the 1990 invasion, when he was the head of Military Intelligence for the Museveni government of Uganda.” The “Gersony Report” tied the Pentagon to the crimes of Kagame’s invading, Pentagon-trained and funded forces. More UN documents in the ICTR record reveal that the State Department was negotiating for a peaceful settlement of the war at the same time the Pentagon was supporting Kagame’s invasion. The Clinton Administration sought to enlist Atwood and Kofi Annan in keeping evidence of Kagame’s crimes from ever seeing the light of day, to prevent Pentagon involvement in the “Rwandan Genocide” from ever coming to light."
We know that hundreds of thousands of unarmed hutu refugees in Congo have been butchered by the invading Rwandan Army at the time. A UN report confirmed this back in 1998. We also know that this Rwandan army was being trained by the US. This training continued after combat in Congo had started.

As I have pointed out above, General Ward's mischaracterized Rwanda's role in the great lakes region in 2007. This guy should have been fired over his off-base comments when the UN report in 2008 proved beyond doubt that Rwanda's role was one of "rape and mass-murder". But General Ward is still running Africom, as if he got rewarded for his comments. The allegations against the Pentagon's deep involvement and complicity in the great lakes region won't go away by ignoring them, I guarantee you that. The Pentagon has some serious selfreflection to do while it's complicity in crimes committed by the RPF is tarnishing the US.

The interesting part of this story is off course Brian Atwood, who now says:
"The fact is, I was never in a conversation about a cover-up with Kofi Annan and had never stepped foot in his office during his tenure as Under Secretary General for UN Peacekeeping. Nor did I, at any time, discuss a cover-up of charges involving Kagame with anyone in the Clinton Administration."
"The charge that the Clinton Administration sought to enlist me and Kofi Annan in a cover-up of Kagame’s activities is absolutely false and seems to be based solely on the false testimony of the former Rwandan Foreign Minister"
To which Peter Erlinder replies:
"U.N. and State Department memos from September/October 1994, also in evidence at the ICTR, report meetings between Mr. Annan, Mr. Atwood and the former Rwandan foreign minister in which suppression of these crimes was discussed, as is the sworn testimony of Minister Ndagijimana, who testified that he refused to cooperate with the proposed suppression and went into exile in November 1994. "
"I believe this description of the evidence is correct and that Dean Atwood’s quarrel is with this evidence, not with me. In accusing me of defamation for having accurately described the evidence involving him, Dean Atwood has called my own bona fides into question, and I hope he will retract and refrain from doing so in the future. "
I don't see why we would lend more credibility to Brian Atwood then to Jean-Marie Ndagijimana   (who has a great blog by the way). But that doesn't even seem to be the problem here, Peter Erlinder claims that Brian Atwood has a quarrel "WITH THE EVIDENCE". That means that not only the testimony by Jean-Marie Ndagijimana, confirms his version of this meetign, but also the UN documents which he uncovered.

Robert Krueger, former US ambassador to Burundi, writes on page 110 of his book "from bloodshed to hope in Burundi":
"How U.S. military leaders had become so enamored of Paul Kagame I could not fully fathom....I was appalled that these skills had so successfully overshadowed his obvious preference for dictatorship over democracy, and his tolerance, or perhaps appetite, for vengeful ethnic slaugheter, yet he was invited to the United States to be feted at the Pentagon. In time, I was sure that the truth about the RPA would come out. But how many lives would be lost, how much suffering endured, how much fear and despair would be borne in the interim?"

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