Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Naturally, there is no truth to this"

Important Update on Louise Mushikiwabo versus South Africa-  Nyamwasa :

Today Justice ministry spokesman Tlali Tlali confirmed that France had requested South Africa to extradite lieutenant-general Kayumba Nyamwasa, just 4 days after a new Rwandan ambassador presented his credentials in Paris (Rwanda had recalled it's ambassador in 2006 because of this warrant):  " France has requested South Africa to extradite a Rwandan general, who was once a high commissioner to India, to face charges related to his alleged role in the 1994 assassination of the leaders of Rwanda and Burundi."


Gladstone Dumisani Gwadiso is former South African ambassador to Ivory Coast and now Ambassador to Rwanda, he was the leader of the UMD  in Eastern Cape (until 2001 when he joined ANC) and still is also the head of AmaKhonjwayo tribe in South Africa. As head of this tribe he is also involved in a dispute  about seniority with the Ndamase family. At the funeral (february 2010) of his younger brother, Nkosi Michael Gcinikhaya Gwadiso, a member of the National House of Traditional Leaders, he stated:
“We pay no allegiance to the Ndamases. My father (Nkosi Ferguson Gwadiso) never paid allegiance to them until he died and we will never pay allegiance to the house of Ndamase, never"
Gladstone Dumisani Gwadiso is probably no fan of the iconic Nelson Mandela Vukani shirts that are designed by Sonwabile Ndamase:
Just months after joining the ANC in 2001  Gladstone Dumisani Gwadiso became ambassador to Ivory Coast. I hope he stands his ground in Rwanda where he just got summoned by Louise Mushikiwabo over the Nyamwasa case, she said:
"Some insinuations emanating from official circles in South Africa and carried in the media appear to be pointing a finger at the Rwandan government,"
"I have summoned the South African ambassador (Gladstone Dumisani Gwadiso) on Tuesday to convey the concern of the Rwandan government over the way the investigation is carried out"
"Naturally, there is no truth to this. We find these insinuations very alarming,"
Aimable Mugara, a Rwandan immigrant living in Canada,  in his weekly letter to President Paul kagame in the run up to august "elections" comments on Louise Mushikiwabo's statements as follow:
"Your government’s spokesperson, Ms. Mushikiwabo has been admonishing anyone who dares think that your government could have been behind the killing of this journalist as well as the failed assassination of the General. Unfortunately, the list of people who have worked with you and ended up dead soon after there were any disagreements with you or perceived disagreement is extremely long. The following are just some of the names:

1. The Late Colonel Charles Ngoga
2. The Late Colonel Lizinde
3. The Late Colonel Augustin Cyiza
4. The Late Lt Col. Wilson Rutayisire (alias Shaban)
5. The Late Major Rachid Mugisha (alias Kyojo)
6. The Late Captain Serwanda
7. The Late Major Alex Ruzindana
8. The Late Major John Birasa
9. The Late Captain Eddy
10. The Late Captain S. Kavuma
11. The Late Captain David Sabuni
12. The Late Lieutenant Aloys Rupari
13. The Late Second Lieutenant Dan Ndaruhutse
14. The Late Lieutenant Karegeya
15. The Late Lieutenant Rwagasana
16. The Late Lieutenant Dan Twahirwa
17. The Late Lieutenant Fred Gatumbura
18. The Late Second Lieutenant Peter Sempa
19. The Late Lieutenant Jean-Claude Ruraza
20. The Late Sergeant Nyirumuringa
21. The Late Interior Minister Seth Sendashonga
22. The Late Bank CEO Pasteur Musabe
23. The Late Deputy Chief Justice Vincent Nsanzabaganwa
24. The Late Your former presidential advisor Assiel Kabera
25. The Late Parliamentarian Leonard Hitimana"

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