Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kagame's RPF Compulsory Party Contribution

Jeroen Corduwer writes on his blog that every Rwandan citizen is forced to pay half of his salary this month in support of the RPF election campaign. This is well known tactic in African politics to intimidate people into voting for their party. For instance in Kwazulu Nathal the ANC in the eighties and nineties a local warlord called Nkabinde made himself a reputation for this used this same method. If someone refused to contribute, their house would be burned, or they would disappear.

If someone does not have the money, the RPF party members that visit you will ask you to take a loan in order to contribute. Once you have contributed, the party will look for a job for you, so you can pay back the money.

Refusing to pay makes you a supporter of ex-general Kayumba Nyamwasa, clearly meant as a terrible threat. Clearly a message that seems to indicate that the assassination attempt served a purpose inside Rwanda.

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