Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ghaddafi Books All Hotels In Kampala At African Union Summit

Ghaddafi has not yet lost his sense of humor:
"The clandestine booking of top-end hotel rooms in Kampala has ignited a diplomatic row between Uganda and Libya ahead of the African Union summit, which begins next week.
The Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, has reportedly provoked outrage among Ugandan officials by instructing his mission in the country to book more than 3,000 of the capital’s most luxurious hotel rooms, leaving virtually no top-end accommodation for the remaining delegates, the Ugandan Observer reports."

Allthough Ghaddafi made a great effort to set the tone (by attempting to force the other African delegates to resort to tents this time), he probably lost against the  blast in Kampala that killed seventy people, and which is branded 7-11 Twin attacks by Ugandansabroad (might this be the "CNN Iraq" moment for the site?) Obama and Museveni have made strong statements on the attacks "by Al-Shabaab", FBI agents have been sent to Kampala to investigate the case.

In the meantime Timothy Kalyegira, who claimed a lot of things concerning th people behind the Kayumba Nyamwasa assasination attempt (without backing up his claims sofar), has been busy writing about the Kampala attacks too. He doubts the Al-Shabaab story and thinks "M7" could be behind it. Andrew Mwenda allready sent him a note:
"Tim, do you really think M7 is heartless and cunning and evil to set off the bombs? Why do you insinuate such a thing?"

With all the bombs that went off in Bujumbura and Kigali over the last couple of months, it's obvious someone would come up with the idea that "M7" would want to make himself a little more relevant in the US with elections coming up next year. In that light it does seem like a "god-given" present for "M7".

African Union mission currently has 5,200 troops in Somalia — 3,200 Ugandan troops and 2,000 Burundian,  Lt. Col. Felix Kulayigye, spokesman for the Ugandan government said.  And "M7" now pledges he will send 20.000 extra troops.

 Philip J. Crowley, undersecretary of state allready put out his "strong support" on twitter:
"The United States will continue to stand with the people of #Uganda and #Somalia.The steadfast resolve demonstrated by #Uganda is the ultimate weapon against terrorists like al-Shabaab."#SecClinton spoke with President Museveni of #Uganda today, offering condolences and support following the terrorist attack in Kampala. "
Too bad the US  did not take much interest in the bombings in Kigali and Bujumbura when they happened. Terrorist acts that have had an important impact on the political debate in both countries but, as we see in the article by  Timothy Kalyegira, potentially also in the whole region.

What we do know for sure is:

Just three days after the blast in Kampala, Uganda has started an illegal operation to repatriate Rwandan refugees.

Two days after the blast in Kampala, Andre Kagwa Rwisereka, vice-president of Rwanda's green party was murdered

Three days after the blast University of Dar es Salaam Law Professor and ICTR Counsel, Jwani Mwaikusa was assassinated in front of his house.

In Burundi today police arrested the journalist and  the director of Netpress, Jean-Claude Kavumbagu, for alleged “treason” saturday over an article questioning whether the security forces could deal with an attack like one that hit Uganda a week ago, an official said.

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