Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday Is Also Sad

  Followed the Dutch election night, bad idea. Christian conservative Balkenende won't come back as prime-minister after his party lost half of it's seats. Liberal conservative Mark Rutte beat  Labour Parties Job Cohen by one seat. Anti-Islam and Anti-immigrant Geert Wilders (PVV)  is off course eager to join the next government.

Allthough I am not really worried that Geert Wilders will join a coalition government  (considering the fact that parts of the CDA won´t go along with that and that VVD, CDA, PVV have just 76 seats alltogheter on a total of 150), it´s clear that his simplistic views concerning immigrants and Islam are far from healthy. The reason for his 24 seat victory lies with the large political families that refused to engage Geert Wilders on the content. Balkenende´s only response was to further limit immigration. The ChristenUnie, also a conservative/christian party made right turn and started to sing the same `western values are superior to immigrant values` song.

Cynthia Ortega, candidate from a minority background from the Antilles (ChristenUnie), still sees Ed Anker in her rearview mirror. It's quite remarkable that she still hangs on after party leadership and selection committee had placed her much lower on the list (How can you talk about integration of immigrants without actively working on their integration within your party  ). The members of the party decided contrary to party leadership and decided to vote on the list, which resulted in her being place in no. 5. position. Today the preferential votes will be counted which will decide the final order on the electoral list. Let's wait and see.

I like this song `Call it stormy monday` , it´s like the Jazz version of Genesis 1  (The Bible for starters ) . Wikipidea claims that it´s by  T-Bone Walker and written in 1947. I have listend to a version by a pianist called Joe Turner which I find even better, just can´t find it online.

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