Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nyamwasa Assassination Attempt Timeline

Source du Nil, a valuable Rwandan blog, wrote about Nyamwasa very early on (february 27) claiming he might be of crucial importance to the trials against the RPF leadership in France and Spain.

At the end of march it became clear that former Rwandan Army Chief Nyamwasa would not be extradited to Rwanda by South Africa after President Jacob Zuma said his country is obliged to follow international laws on asylum.

Half of april Paul Kagame compared Nyamwasa to "execreted human waste" in a speech at the Rwandan parliament.

At the end of May General Nyamwasa responded to Paul Kagame accusations, Alex Engwete wrote about it that day.

Dr Tito Rutaremara (head of RPF information), June 5th wrote an answer to that response in the Ugandan Daily Monitor.

Jean-Marie Vianney Ndagijimana wrote on his great Rwandan diaspora blog June 9th:
"Kayumba Nyamwasa souhaite se rendre en Espagne le plus tôt possible"
"Certains milieux bien informés affirment qu’un budget de 15 millions de dollars vient d'être  été alloué à l’opération  UMUSAMBI  « Grue couronnée ».  Comprenne qui pourra ou plutôt qui voudra. Mais, Kayumba le sait.C'est pourquoi il veut se rendre en Espagne. Mais Kagame refuse. Un bras de fer entre L'Espagne, Kayumba et surtout Paul Kagame. Qui en sortira vainqueur?  Qui des trois protagonistes risque-t-il d'attendre la semaine des quatre jeudis? A suivre! "
For now this seems to mean that 15 million has been paid for the Umusambi project
, an instrument?, a song for the king??? and a bird??, what is this riddle about, and who apart from Kagame and Kayumba is the third protagonist that is reaching for the impossible?

Alexandre Kimneyi writes umusambi 'crested crane' for Abanyiginya/Abasindi/Abatsobe
which is the tribe totum for Kayumba's tribe according to mugisha abdul 
 "kagame is from the clan of ABEEGA.This clan from time immemorial, has been fighting the ABANYIGINYA, from which the Royals to be kings etc are choosen from.Abanyiginya live in Nyanza which is the next town to Gitarama, but in Butare otherwards its like mukono district boardering Jinja.". 
 June 11th Jean Bosco Kazura, a Rwandan General was arrested for traveling to South Africa without asking first:
"The spokesman added that the detention of the general, was not connected to an ongoing extradition plea for two other senior officers currently in exile in South Africa."

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