Monday, June 14, 2010

Erlinder's Homerun

Ethan Zuckerman, closely following Erlinder's case and cofounder of globalvoices, recently asked "Texasinafrica" on twitter, after she had given him feedback on his blogging:

@texasinafrica media narrative currently ignoring what Erlinder believes, advocates for. Hoping someone smarter than me - (con't)

@texasinafrica point of my piece was that Erlinder believes a counternarrative and point out that the facts are very tricky. 
Today  "Texasinafrica" writes "Erlinder certainly has some off-base views about the genocide" . Laura Seay twittered Ethan Zuckerman at the end of may  saying:
@texasinafrica @Katrinskaya @EthanZ Available evidence strongly suggests Hutu extremists shot down the plane, only ones to ever claim responsibility.
 In the context of France President Sarkozy's recent visit  to the genocide memorial in Kigali, Bernard Lugan explains that investigations are still ongoing, in France, in Spain and at the ICTR. Available evidence has sofar suggested to the French anti-terrorist judge Jean-Louis Bruguière that Paul Kagame is behind the downing. Both widows agree with this version. The Mutsinzi report by Rwanda's government, only written after Bruguera had finished his investigation, probably suggests otherwise. I am not aware of others having weighed the evidence in this case sofar.

Rather then being off-base, Peter Erlinder is making a home-run in defense for the clients he is defending at the ICTR as Kevin Jon Heller points out here  "Two Thoughts on Peter Erlinder's Arrest in Rwanda"   and as Eleneus Akanga writes here "Erlinder's Arrest":Blessing Or Curse"

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