Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Edmund Kagire Compares Peter Erlinder To "A Nazi"

Edmund Kagire, senior reporter at "The New Times" claimed today that Peter Erlinder  both had "faked illness"  and  "attempts suicide". Wild allegations that (you and I know) should be taken with a large grain of salt, knowing "The New Times" track record in spreading all kinds of wild stories.

I decided to give him some feedback today:
"you are a fake journalist supporting a military dictator that has soo much blood on his hand. Justice will certainly come one day for the crimes Kagame and his RPF butchers and RPF pr machine are guilty of  "
To which he answered in the way we allready got familiar with from the comment section over at Sf Bay View:

"Go to hell

I dont give a damn..this is my country..and next time don't send me this nonsense you Bastard...tell me what would happen if a Nazi went to Israel and talked nonsense about the murder of Jews? Or if an Al Qaeda guy came to the US and said how it was fun bombing the World Trade Centre? Would you be happy?

Just fuck off my page,i don't care what you think about me, stay away from me, this is my country,take you patronising attitude some where else you fagot!! Yes, you are a fagot!! "
First of all I find it quite disturbing that  the Associated Press reproduces articles that are clearly aiming to destroy Erlinder's credibility and moral without any form of fact checking and background checking of the kind of journalist they are getting involved with. This "journalist" compares Erlinder here to "an Al Qaeda guy" or "a NAZI". In the context of the well documented crimes committed by the RPF inside congo, as reported to the UN in 1998 , these allegations are both empty slogans and intentionally misleading.

From the aggressive tone and content of Edmund Kagire's message it's clear that it's time the discussion on the history and future of the great lakes region over the last two decades rises above the tweetered messages by people like Jared Cohen and Francine LeFrak that they had an inspiring evening at a nice restaurant  with Paul Kagame.


Anonymous said...

What else would one expect from a patriotic
Rwanda as a reaction to genocide deniers like
Erlinder? Shy away? No, atleast not with me nor
With Kagire! Erlinder is sailing on a tidy sea
I don't know why he opted for such a risk that
Puts him in a near drowning! Hey, you fake
Sympathizers of Erlinder, why wd u choose evil
when there is good? If not a Nazi then he is
Nazist or proNazi. Who do you think is happy
Or unaware of genocide of Titsi in Rwanda?
If not Erlinder whoelse? Bruguere? Let them
Not think they evaded justice, it has a long
Arm that fetches far even bin Laden thought he
Was smart enough to hide from justice. Stop
Turnishing a clean Rwandan name, Rwandese were
Angry and will never forgive Erlinder and company!

Vincent Harris said...

Assasinating and threatening opponents and critics at home and abroad is what you consider justice?