Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Arrogance Of Ignorance

Richard Jonhson, a retired US diplomat living in Kigali writes in Christian Science Monitor:
"Arrogance, ignorance, and indifference to African victims of genocide have long been hallmarks of Western treatment of Rwanda."
This is nonsense, and the Christian Science Monitor knows it is. I challenge Richard Johnson to give one example of this in mainstream US press over the last two decades. In reality mainstream press in the US has been focusing on Rwanda and writing about the genocide non-stop, while ignoring the massive killings by  Paul Kagame's RPF inside Rwanda and Congo.

The fact that Richard Johnson's  mudslinging "article" got into the Christian Science Monitor, reveals that mainstream US press still thinks it can get away with calling Peter Erlinder a "conspiracy theorist" and "genocide denier" without getting into the nitty-gritty of the UN-documents and ICTR rulings that are the basis for Erlinder's claims.

Christian Science Monitor's still seems to think there can be a middle ground in the debate concerning Rwanda while ignoring  (talking about ignorance) the crimes committed by Paul Kagame's RPF. That middle ground no longer exist. These crimes have been committed, overwhelming evidence points that out. US and European mainstream media has failed us during the last two decades by refusing to show us the total picture of the war in the great lakes region, and thereby lost their credibility. In that context (of obvious ignorance) calling Peter Erlinder a "genocide denier"  or "conspiracy theorist" demonstrates that the Christian Science Monitor is still not ready to engage in a serious discussion of this topic. In other words, this is no longer journalism, but pure propaganda by the CSM, even though they will blame it on Richard Johnson.

The rest of the article by this  retired "diplomat" (a disgrace to the profession I would say) is a one-sided collection of half truths corning Victoire Ingabire  Umuhoza's political party. Ignorance often serves as a basis for arrogance, and in this article the Christian Science Monitor demonstrates, once again, how these two communicate.

It's a rare achievement by the ONE campaign to be able to capture both arrogance and ignorance, the main ingredients of US policy towards the great lakes region, in  ONE picture  (taken in Kigali yesterday).

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