Wednesday, May 5, 2010

US Democrats Turning Against Kagame?

In february Richard Durbin, Senator from Illinois (D) suggested
"Rwanda should publish the names of FDLR fighters accused of violating human rights."
Sofar Paul Kagame has not delivered such a list.

Victoire Ingabire  latest interview focuses on this lack of political will on the part of the RPF to solve the FDLR question.     

This week Illinois Governor (D) Patt Quinn invited Paul Rusesabagina  ( Rusesabagina supported Quinn for Governor and is also a long time critic of Kagame's regime) to a prayer breakfast:
Rusesabagina said he hopes to “raise awareness for equal rights and equal justice” throughout Rwanda and other areas being oppressed by government officials. This is all about democracy,” he said. “We need teachers who believe that.” Rusesabagina also will discuss how freedom of speech is disappearing in Rwanda – publication of two weekly newspapers was recently suspended – and he also will talk about the continuing war in the Congo, which started in 1996. About 45,000 people are killed in the conflict every month, and about 7 million people have died since the war began.
At the end of 2008 Victoire Ingabire visited the US where she met the future US President, Barack Obama. who assured her personally that he would monitor the situation closely.

Kagame endorsed Mccain in 2008 (he apparently even sent his minister, probably Louise Mushikiwabo to the Republican National Convention), why wouldn't Obama return the favor?

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