Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Commemorating The Second World War

Today the Dutch commemorate as allways in Amsterdam the victims of the second world war in the Netherlands. Some panic broke out in the center of Amsterdam at the two minute silence on "De Dam" where the commemoration allways takes place.

The influence of the second world war on Dutch society is difficult to analyse both for insiders and for outsiders. It's hard to find an impartial observer or scolar. If you take part in Dutch society you automatically are part of one of the several subcultures which form the Netherlands.

Often the discussion about the second world war circles around who was bad and who was good, who was courageous, who was a hero and who was a coward. A discussion that doesn't seem to go anywhere in my eyes. What is more worthwhile is to study how ideological currents and their representatives have analyzed the national socialist ideology and how they took position.

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